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Terms of service

Terms of service - worldpetnet

1. General provisions

2. Definitions

3. WORLDPETNET platform general terms of use

4. Types of user accounts

5. Copyright

6. Registering in WORLDPETNET

7. Fees

8. Personal data collection and processing

9. Guarantee of security/responsibility

10. Final provisions

§1 General provisions

• These Terms of Service specify the rules of using the WORLDPETNET platform. The Terms of Service specify the rights and obligations of the platform's Users, as well as the information required by the law of the country in which the administrator of WORLDPETNET is located.

• Before registering in the WORLDPETNET database, Users are required to familiarise themselves with the Terms of Service.

• Accepting the WORLDPETNET Terms of Service is necessary to enter into a partnership and use the functionalities offered by the platform. If you do not accept these provisions, you will not be able to benefit from the WPN offer.

• The Administrator reserves the right to implement changes in the Terms of Service and the platform's terms of use. All changes are announced on our website, if possible.

§2 Definitions

The terms used herein shall be construed as follows:

Administrator – RFOG POLAND ul. Starogrodzka 1/2 72-300 Gryfice VAT PL8571157213;

WORLDPETNET (WPN) – online platform consolidating marked animal registries maintained by national and local databases, operated by the Administrator in several popular languages, available at

User – natural person possessing full capacity to perform acts in law, acting on their own behalf (individual user) or on behalf of a legal person (DATABASE user), using the WORLDPETNET platform in accordance with the provisions hereof.

Registration – entering of data into the WORLDPETNET platform.

Registration form – an electronic template used to register user accounts, containing fields to be filled in with required/desired information about the User and/or their animal.

User Account – a panel assigned to a specific User, enabling that User to take actions made available by the WORLDPETNET platform, identified using an email address and a password.

§3 WORLDPETNET platform general terms of use

• In order to gain access to the WORLDPETNET website, it is required to use a device connected to the Internet and equipped with a web browser, and to have a valid email address.

• A WORLDPETNET User Account may only be created by a person not less than 18 years of age or a subject represented by an adult.

WORLDPETNET enables visitors who do not have an active User Account to use its free microchip number, shelter and breeder search engine.

• The User declares that all personal data related to the subjects entered into the database are true and accurate, and that they indeed relate to the subject registered.

• It is prohibited to use names or terms which are disrespectful, insulting, ridiculing and referring to a different person or subject.

• Registration is tantamount to the User consenting to their personal data being processed under the provisions of the GDPR and being sent system notifications via email, and to declaring that the User has familiarised themselves with these Terms of Service and that they agree to act in accordance with the provisions hereof.

• By sending an email to our advertisers via the WORLDPETNET contact form, you accept the fact that we are unable to guarantee that the email will be delivered successfully. This is caused by a functionality which prevents the sending of prohibited formats in the settings of the recipients' inboxes.

• In the case of legal persons, companies and organisational units, creating an Account and taking any further actions on WORLDPETNET is only available to persons authorised to take the above-mentioned actions on behalf of these subjects.

• The User bears full responsibility for their inappropriate use of the functionalities available as part of their User Account, in particular using their account to upload false information, content which violates applicable law, the principles of community life and these Terms of Service.

• It is prohibited to circumvent the security measures implemented to limit your access to certain WORLDPETNET functionalities.

• The User has the right to delete their account, and thus terminate their partnership with WORLDPETNET, by submitting a relevant request by email to or by using the delete account functionality available in the User Panel.

• Severe violations of these Terms of Service, misusing a User Account or uploading content which violates applicable law or the principles of community life will result in that User Account and/or its posts being irreversibly deleted. This will also result in the User's email address being banned. A preliminary assessment in such cases will be conducted by the administrator of the database.

• The Administrator reserves the right to interrupt the operation of the website without prior notice. WORLDPETNET bears no responsibility for server and website malfunctions which render accessing the services temporarily unavailable.

• In cases involving violations of applicable law or requiring an intervention, particular files will be secured by the Administrator and handed over to services responsible for counteracting cybercrime on the territory of the database in question.

    §4 Types of user accounts

    WORLDPETNET offers two types of user accounts:

    a. USER Account – a FREE account for individual customers, offering the following functionalities:

    • Registering legally operating purebred animal breeding centres

    • Registering animals possessing sire rights

    • Adding veterinary clinics

    • Adding animal shelters and interim animal care centres

    • Posting advertisements relating to missing animals in the ALERT PET IS LOST section

    b. DATABASE Account – for databases maintaining registries of electronically marked animals and enabling communication between databases added to the platform. The account offers the following functionalities:

    • Entering new data

    • Deleting registries

    • Editing data contained in the database's registries

      §5 Copyright

      The name, design, graphics, logo, software, technological solutions and database are property of RFOG POLAND Tomasz Paszkowski and are subject to legal and copyright protection.

      • It is forbidden to copy and use the text and photo content found on the WORLDPETNET website without permission from the Administrator.

      • We bear no responsibility for whether the content uploaded by WPN Users constitutes their intellectual property. If you know that certain content uploaded to the platform violates copyright, please report it at

      • If you click on a link posted on the WORLDPETNET website, you are subject to the Terms of Service of the websites you have been redirected to. As we are unable to monitor on an ongoing basis the changes occurring on the linked pages, we bear no responsibility for the content published on them.

      • It is forbidden to modify, edit, translate, decompile and recreate the source code and software used by WORLDPETNET.

      • It is forbidden to use software enabling unauthorised data collection or data extortion, as well as software which may cause disruptions or system malfunction.

      §6 Registering in WORLDPETNET

      • All address and contact data, as well as information entered as part of the registration process must be true, accurate and relate to the registered subject. It is prohibited to add  animals to a breeding centre profile which the centre does not own.

      • All login data is to be used only by the account holder and the entity they represent; the data should not be shared to third parties or published.

      • Should we detect any irregularities or receive information indicating that you have violated the WORLDPETNET Terms of Service, the law or the principles of ethics, you will be asked to provide an explanation. Should you be unable to provide a rational explanation, your entry will be deleted, and severe violations will result in your User Account being terminated. Due to the fact that the services rendered by WORLDPETNET are free, you are not entitled to any monetary compensation due to any losses arising from the termination of your User Account.

      • By using the services of breeding centres or establishments advertised on WORLDPETNET, you acknowledge that WORLDPETNET is unable to verify the accuracy of all entries and the legality of the subjects which uploaded them, which is why we bear no responsibility for any losses incurred by Users. The User is responsible for verifying the documentation and conditions of the advertised institutions and breeding centres.

      • Data is entered into the WORLDPETNET platform via two types of accounts available to WORLDPETNET Users.

      a. DATABASE Account

      • A database subject is added to the platform after the Administrator accepts its electronically-submitted application, the provisions of the agreement concluded between the Administrator and the database to be integrated are accepted, and upon the verification of the attached sample file.

      b. USER Account

      • A User adding an entry related to any type of subject (breeding centre, sire, clinic or shelter) must be authorised to register that subject; an entry is added on one's own behalf or based on the authorisation of the establishment/breeding centre's owner.

      • It is prohibited to add entries of breeding centres of animals which are subject to protection, wild or whose breeding is prohibited.

      • Any establishment, institution or breeding centre added to WORLDPETNET must possess necessary permits and be able to present them upon the request of the Administrator. Should you refuse or not possess the necessary documentation, your entry will be deleted from the catalogue.

      • The content of entries must match the category they are posted in – type, species, breed, etc.

      • The photos you upload must be of the animals to which the entry relates.

      • It is prohibited to create several User Accounts in order to add multiple entries of the same breeding centre of animal care institution.

      §7 Fees

      Using the WORLDPETNET platform user panel is completely free; the service is rendered on a non-profit basis.

      §8 Personal data collection and processing

      • In order to use the functionalities offered by WORLDPETNET, it is necessary to provide the personal data required during the registration process. Refusal to provide your data or demanding the cessation of using already provided data will result in you being unable to use the services offered by the WPN platform.

      • The Data Controller is RFOG POLAND TOMASZ PASZKOWSKI.

      • Every WORLDPETNET User has the right to access, edit and modify their personal data, as well as the right to demand the cessation of the processing of their data and to delete their account.

      • All personal data collected is secured from being shared with unauthorised parties, loss, damage and destruction. Technical and organisational measures are used to ensure that the personal data processed are protected.

      WORLDPETNET does not collect or process the personal data of owners of electronically marked animals who register their animals in databases integrated with our platform.

      More information on the rules governing the collection and processing of personal data can be found in Attachment 1 – Privacy Policy.

      §9 Guarantee of security/responsibility

      • Ensuring the proper functioning of WORLDPETNET is the responsibility of the Administrator, who uses his best efforts to guarantee the professional and faultless functioning of its sections.
      WORLDPETNET utilises certified security systems for securing data, information and content uploaded as part of various entries. However, we are unable to guarantee faultless operation or verify with complete certainty where an issue has occurred, which is why we bear no responsibility for any disruptions, interruptions in the provision of services or loss or damage to data or computer systems.
      • We exert no control over any websites to which links can be found on the WORLDPETNET website, which is why we bear no responsibility for the content of those websites and any losses arising from using them.

      §10 Final provisions

      • These Terms of Service are available on the WORLDPETNET website and can be sent to the User upon request in PDF format via email.
      • Any changes hereto will be announced by the Administrator on the WORLDPETNET website. Changes enter into force on the date specified by the Administrator, at least 7 days after being announced on the above website. Services activated before such changes enter into force will be provided under present terms; actions taken after a change has been implemented will be subject to the new conditions.
      • Should any issues arise or in the case of any irregularities in the functioning of the website, claims or questions, please contact the Administrator using the contact form or via email at
      • The rights of WORLDPETNET Users are limited to those specified herein; if a right has not been specified in these Terms of Service, it cannot serve as the basis for any claims.

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