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Si se ha producido un problema, tienes dudas acerca del funcionamiento de Worldpetnet o la identificación y el registro de animales, elige la categoría pertinente y encuentra la respuesta a tu pregunta.
Si no consigues encontrar la información necesaria, contacta con nosotros utilizando el formulario de contacto para hacernos saber tu problema.

The fastest way to add a missing animal post is to use the red button on the taskbar – ALERT PET IS LOST

Making a missing animal post on WPN will make it visible to everyone around the world, as well as raise awareness in your local environment, increasing your chance to find your pet.

Posting ads about missing animals registered in the WORLDPETNET database is free of charge.

Posts made in the ALERT PET IS LOST section are active for 180 days.

In order to delete a post, log into your WORLDPETNET user account and delete your message using the post management functionality.

A microchip is not a tracking device and does not have a GPS functionality, which means that it cannot be remotely tracked.

If you find an animal which has most likely been lost by its owner, follow these steps:Use a microchip reader (used by veterinarians and animal shelters) to check if the animal has been implanted with a chip. If it has, check its number.Enter the...
In order to report a missing animal, you must create a WORLDPETNET user account. Only active accounts can report missing animals. You can create an account by using this link.....
A missing animal post is visible to everyone who visits the ALERT PET IS LOST subpage.Posts are also published on the WORLDPETNET Facebook profile.. Users can also share their posts on their social media profiles by linking to them on Facebook, for...
WORLDPETNET helps by enabling the identification of animals via partnered databases.We send information about lost animals to the shelters closest to where the animal has gone missing.. We publish report details in the ALERT PET IS LOST section and...
If you are certain that your pet has been stolen, report the theft to the authorities. Check online marketplaces for attempts to sell your animal. Inform your local veterinarians and animal shelters about the fact and post about it on social media....
If your dog has gone missing, make sure that it is registered in your country's animal database and post about it on WPN.Leave a post on the WORLDPETNET - ALERT PET IS LOST page, including a photo of your pet to make the search easier.Inform your...
In addition to being careful when taking your dog out for a walk and securing the area around your house, it is necessary to have your animal implanted with a microchip possessing a unique numeric code and registered in a local database.The next...
Por qué merece la pena registrar el animal en WORLDPETNET
Encuentra a tu mascota con WORLDPETNET
Ventajas del registro de animales en WORLDPETNET

¿Por qué merece la pena
registrar a mi mascota?

La identificación electrónico de animales mediante microchip es el método más duradero, eficaz y seguro para permitir la identificación rápida y fiable de tu mascota. Solamente con el número único del transpondedor (chip) se puede identificar el animal al instante y encontrar a su dueño, haciendo que la mascota pueda regresar a su hogar. No obstante, hay que tener en cuenta que el microchip no es más que un transpondedor con un número codificado. El microchip no cuenta con una función de localización ni tampoco incluye información acerca del dueño ni del propio animal. Así pues, para poder identificar al perro o al gato con identificación mediante chip, el microchip tiene que estar registrado en una base de datos nacional de animales identi...

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