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Published: Oct 25, 2019


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Every day, shelters and animal care centres find pets which are no longer wanted, turned out to be a bad idea for a gift or began to bore their owners. Their fate is all the more tragic considering that the animals themselves are unable to understand why they have lost their beloved owner and home – why their entire world has collapsed. Many animals end up in a shelter because they have been abandoned in forests or by roadsides. Even though most of them are chipped or tattooed, they have not been registered in a database, which is why it is not possible to identify them. Therefore, is also impossible to find those who abandoned them and force them to face the consequences of their actions. Shelters have little success trying to identify their charges; only microchipped animals registered in a pet database can be identified. In most cases, the frightened, miserable, betrayed and unloved animals end up surrounded by strangers. Soft armchairs and beds are replaced with cold cages and rags, and the hands of their loving owners – by those of volunteers sensitive to animal suffering. Alone and despairing, with longing in their eyes, they await a new friend to come and take them home, someone to whom they can gift their unconditional trust and love. Initially full of faith and hope of finding a new home, abandoned pets eventually become despondent and miserable. They stop waiting, and often also stop eating and longing. This suffering is caused by irresponsible and selfish people.

If you are looking for a friend to whom you can give your love, responsibility and home until the last days of their life, consider visiting your local shelter – maybe your new friend is waiting for you there! Even though it may not be purebred, probably has no documented pedigree and maybe is not even considered beautiful, it can still offer you its undying love and gratitude. Visit your local shelter today and give a suffering pet a chance for a new life!


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Marking animals with a microchip is the most durable, effective and completely safe method of quick and reliable identification. Every transponder (chip) has a unique number which enables instant identification of the animal and its owner, helping them reunite faster. However, it is important to remember that a chip is just a transponder with an encoded number. It is not a tracking device and contains no data about the animal or the owner! Therefore, in order to identify a chipped dog or cat, it is necessary that a microchip be registered in a national marked animal database...

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